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Paul Smith's has an interesting range of sports-- from the traditional basketball, soccer, volleyball-- Those sports, through sports that you're not going to see at a lot of other colleges-- Nordic skiing, and marathon, canoe team, rock climbing, bass fishing, bowling. There's a full array of sports. Anything we want to do we can do it from campus. The ski team steps out the back of our gym. And we walk maybe 100 feet, and we're on Nordic ski trails. There's not another college in the northeast that gets to do that.

The most rewarding experience that I probably had here was just seeing the development, seeing two full-fledged teams, both men's and women's, competing out there. Just seeing the students use this as a platform to get their degree, stay in school, get good grades, and just use as kind of like a motivational tool.

I think college athletics provides for students an opportunity for them to just reveal more of who they are. With the marathon canoe team, when you're out paddling for 30 miles in a day, and you think I can't go any further, and you have to dig deep, and figure out who you are. And it reveals a lot of the character that's already there in these students.

It's an awesome opportunity to represent your school. It's an awesome opportunity to be involved here at Paul Smith's and just be a part of a family that not many people get to be a part of.

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