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Student Profiles

Thompson Tomaszewski

Thompson Tomaszewski, a senior in the fisheries and wildlife sciences program and Pride Club president, shares what it's like to be a Smitty.

My name is Thompson and I'm a senior in the fisheries and wildlife sciences program.

With a major like fisheries and wildlife sciences, I really wanted a lot of outdoor hands-on experience in the field doing what I was going to be doing in my job after graduation. So my first semester on campus, I happened to become friends with someone who was a member of the Pride Club. And it was time for elections, and I thought, why not give it a shot. And I've been president ever since.

And I've gotten to see this club really grow to be a really powerful presence on campus. And this community really welcomes diverse and new people with new ideas and concepts. That really helped me figure myself out, discovering a lot of new passions that I had no idea that I had before coming here.

To be a Smitty. To me, it's about not being afraid to face challenges. Don't ever hesitate to go to a college campus, especially not Paul Smith's, just because you're struggling with your identity.