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Tia Akey

Meet Business major Tia Akey and hear about her experience as a Smitty.

A lot of my mom's friends went to Paul Smith's, and they were business majors in here too. So they taught me a lot about Paul Smith's and kind of made me decide to join the team.

For starters, I like how it's such a small campus. So if I can have that 20 people in a class, the teacher can focus on all of us. And I really appreciate that, and Paul Smith's offers that for everyone.

I feel very confident in my studies here to start a business right away. I'm only a sophomore, but I'm very prepared.

My favorite thing to do off campus is actually hiking. I had a teacher take us as a class. I've done Baker and Ampersand and I snowshoed at the VIC.

My favorite place is the Hutch. I just like the atmosphere there. There's a lot of people in and going, and it just kind of keeps me on my toes, which is kind of perfect for me.

So I do work at the Merry Lake Inn, which is great. I've learned a lot with not only just helping guests but also the business aspect of it. It's been very great for me to do that on top of learning my business here.

What it means to be a Smitty? For me, I love the business program here. Teachers take us out. I get to dress up. I get to go learn companies in town. I get to outside with my teacher and go canoeing. And you're involved. You're not just in a classroom. You actually get to go outside, and I think that helps a lot of students learn better too.

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