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Culinary Arts

  • The Ganzi restaurant and training center provides students with a unique hands-on experience. This on-campus restaurant offers a farm-to-table menu throughout the semester – students majoring in Food Service & Beverage Management and Hotel & Restaurant Management learn the ropes for all stations in the restaurant kitchen as well as the front of the house.
  • The campus is surrounded by a variety of farms, including one that features a former nuclear missile silo! Students in the Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts & Service Management programs can frequently be found visiting these locations to understand the business of agriculture and gain a genuine appreciation for the source of local foods.
  • Baking & Pastry Arts majors are responsible for operating P. Smith’s, the college’s on-campus bakery. Each semester the classes prepare a variety of pastries, soups, and sandwiches and learn the business of running a successful bakery.
  • Faculty in the Culinary Management department bring a wide range of professional experiences to the classroom – many of our professors have owned and operated their own restaurants and bakeries before coming to PSC.

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Here, we have something pretty unique. The unique things we have for both program, culinary and baking, are the restaurant experience. In other word, here we have a restaurant called The Ganzi Training Center, and students will be able to work for several weeks to experience all the different stations, and also work in the front.

The Ganzi provides a farm-to-table menu. In other words, the students are able to go in different farms to buy produce. That's for the culinary. Now for the bakers. We have the bakery. In the bakery, we have exactly the same thing. The class will prepare all the goods for the bakery, and also you will be exposed to the customer and to the clients.

My colleagues have run their own businesses, they've had their own restaurants, have their own bakeries, besides having that educational background. They've had their education, and then they go out into the real world. So they're able to give that experience back to the students.

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