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Student Profiles

Selena Hay

Meet Selena Hay, a junior studying Culinary Arts and Service Management from Staten Island, NY. Selena values the personal relationships she has created with the faculty and staff at Paul Smith's College and the help she has received from them. Selena says being a Smitty means you are part of the Paul Smith's family and everything she has learned here she can take with her further in life.

I'm Selena Hay, and I study culinary arts and service management. I'm currently in my junior year here at Paul Smith's, and I'm from Staten Island, New York, which is in New York City.

Overall, this campus. It's different from any other school. You get personal with all your professors. Every staff member that I've had since my freshman year here has done so much for me.

The St. Regis course is a restaurant training course they have here at Paul Smith's. You learn every station as you would in a regular kitchen. In the St. Regis course, they show you how to work with people in the front of the house, even though you enjoy being in the kitchen. In the beginning of my junior year I finished all my labs, but I'm still in the culinary building every day just studying.

Everyone here is from such diverse places, and they all come together at Paul Smith's. So I think it's pretty cool. Being a Smitty means you're part of the Paul Smith family. Whatever you do, you're a Smitty, and we all come together on this campus. That's being a Smitty.

Coming to Paul Smith's, it actually has been the best thing that's ever happened to me, just because I've met so many new people, and it's been such a great learning experience. Everything that I've learned here so far, I can definitely take with me further in life.

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