Environmental Stewardship
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  • By focusing on hands-on experiential learning, our Forestry faculty help students develop marketable professional skills. Students learn to build roads, inventory timber, and work with a wide range of industry professionals – an experience that places them well ahead of others entering the job market.
  • Qualified students have the opportunity to join the Forestry Microenterprise crew. This elite group of upper-division students are responsible for managing the college’s 14,000 acres of certified timberlands.
  • Throughout their time at PSC, Forestry students take part in professional conferences and networking events through membership in the Society of American Foresters. Many of the successful businesspeople at these events are also PSC alums!
  • If your career goals include a strong desire to work outdoors, a Paul Smith’s College degree in Forestry, Arboriculture, or Surveying is the right choice for you.

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We're really proud of giving students hands on, experiential learning where they'll be doing it. They'll be practicing the same skills that all the professionals need in their jobs while they're here. So we have a college forestry micro enterprise crew. This is an elite bunch of students, juniors and seniors, who do particularly well in their classes. They're invited to actually manage our 14,000 acres of timberlands here at the college.

If you can enter the workforce and you've already done it, and you've already built roads, and inventoried timber, and worked with loggers, and truckers, and all the people that they're likely to interact with professionally, then you're well ahead of anyone else that's entering the job market alongside you.

By the time you've graduated Paul Smith, you haven't just earned a degree, you've actually been a professional forester already.

I'm a member of the SAF, the Society of American Foresters. You meet a lot of people, people that are involved with SAF, and for me, that's beneficial. You can really learn about how a forest actually operates.

Careers in forestry, surveying, and horticulture are really about that lifestyle, and so if you see yourself as someone who wants to be outside, doing and getting your hands dirty, Paul Smith's is the place for you.

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