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Champion Teams

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Our students are passionate about what they do, and our coaches are really, really good at teaching sportsmanship and guiding them toward becoming better citizens, better people, as well as better athletes. Our sports teams, a lot of them I would consider niche sports, sports that, because of who we are and where we are, truly makes sense.

This is the second full year of the bass fishing team. They won the New York State title. Our kids are passionate about fishing, and they do very, very well. The woodsman team is usually among the top in the country. We're the only campus in the country to have a woodsman training and competition arena directly on the campus. They don't have to go elsewhere to train. They can train right here. A lot of the wood that they train with comes from our property.

The golf team is also pretty new. They won the championship the first three years of the program. Our bowling team was brought into existence, I believe, in 2011, and they won the conference championship every year but 2012. A lot of the success is due to who we are and where we are. Just to be able to represent Paul Smith and to see that excitement, it's really nice.

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