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Campus Living

Fun with Friends

On Paul Smith's campus, when it comes to clubs and organizations, we have everything from hockey and figure skating to gaming and anime clubs. And the really great thing about this campus is that if we don't have a club that a student is looking for, students are extremely driven to create those clubs and are supported institutionally in the creation of those clubs, which is actually how the hockey and the figure skating clubs were created.

There's sword fighting. There's DECA. There's culinary. There's the fish and game. There's beekeeping. It touches on every aspect and every possible interest we have here on campus. I think that's great.

It's really rewarding as a faculty member to see the students thriving and to taking advantage of things that they're excited about. So our student officers, especially, have opportunities to develop those leadership characteristics that they have to have in order to motivate their peers. I get to see that intimately, rather than just hearing about it through a student newspaper. I actually know these students.

I found out we have so many clubs on campus, plus student activity. You're always going to have something to do. So you don't have to stay in your room. You can choose what you would like to do.