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Business & Hospitality

  • The PSC business programs are rooted in hospitality – in fact, our campus was historically home to a world-renowned wilderness resort hotel. This heritage has infused our Management, Communication, and Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management programs with a culture of customer service.
  • Our faculty make it a priority to really get to know their students. The professors care about each student’s progress and maintain small classes to make sure no one gets lost in the crowd.
  • Throughout their time at PSC, students take part in professional conferences and networking events through membership in DECA. Many of the successful businesspeople at these events are also PSC alums!
  • Most of the classes in the Business and Hospitality programs are designed to provide hands-on experience – our students are immersed in professional industries and don’t simply learn from a book.

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I think not only at Paul Smith's, but just in the world of business, business and hospitality really go hand-in-hand. Here at Paul Smith's, because we started our hospitality program and we're entrenched in that long before we added entrepreneurial business or business management, I think we were able to teach business overall, because we teach it from a culture of guest service.

We not only know the students, but we care about their progress. So it's something I don't think you would experience at a larger college. You're not lost in the crowd.

Our faculty here is really conscientious that learning happens inside and outside of the classroom. We have a program here on campus called DECA. It's the business and hospitality club. We host events here on campus through DECA, and then also go on site visits. So the students are constantly able to immerse themselves within the industry.

In Paul Smith's, I would say that 80% of your classes are based on hands-on. I have to go out and work in my major in different departments. So I can learn directly from my major, not directly from your book.

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