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Campus Living

Dorm Life

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We have three tiers available for students on campus. Tier 1 is our traditional-style residence hall. You have a roommate, and you will share a bathroom that is community-style. Tier 2 is you will have up to two other roommates. And you share a bathroom with those roommates or another room that is connected to you as well. And then Tier 3 are our suite-style buildings, and we have three of those. You have your own private bedroom. You also only share a bathroom with one other person. And our Tier 3 suite-style buildings also have a common area and a kitchen built into them.

I like that I'm close to everything. It's walk down the hill, and I'm at my class. Or walk down the hill and had a little bit towards the lake, and I'm at the library. I like that I'm around people that are in the same major, in the same programs, or in the same classes. So when I come home, I'm no more than two doors away from somebody.

Our campus is lucky to boast two living-learning communities currently. Our Emerging Leaders Program is a first-year living-learning community that is open to incoming freshmen. That program transitions students into the ability to be leaders on campus, whether it be a resident assistant, or a peer mentor, or a peer educator. We also have the Osgood sustainability living-learning community. The students living in that building focus a lot on sustainability and outdoor living. Paul Smith's college is definitely a small college, which is one of the reasons that I chose to work here. Because it allows for us to develop close-knit communities within each residence hall, but also across campus as a whole.

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