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Dan Loblanco

Dan Loblanco, a self-described "people person," has made the most out of Paul Smith's College and the hotel and tourism management program. The rugby player and RA even interned at Disney World, setting himself up well for what's next to come.

I heard about Paul Smith's College through my chef at my vocational school. I came here as a culinary major, and then I figured out that I was more of a people person. Then I talked to the hospitality teachers here, and they got me to switch right over to the hospitality field. And I've loved it ever since.

Joining the rugby team, everyone there was so welcoming and inviting. And they're very supportive on and off the field.

The first year as an RA, I met so many amazing people, and I was able to help everyone out. It just really helped me to see who I was, to take on leadership roles. I'd recommend to become an RA, because it helps you prepare for life after college. There's an internship you can do at Walt Disney World. And I actually went out and I applied for it. And with the help of the hospitality department, I was able to obtain it. I was able to go down there. So I got to network down there even more to obtain a job for after college.

My experience at Paul Smith's College has really set me up to become a more outgoing person and step out of my shell. I would recommend coming to Paul Smith's College just because of the teachers here. It's a lot easier to get that one-to-one ratio with your teachers. So you really have that connection, and it really sets you up for success.

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